12 Places to Tantalize Your Taste Buds in the Big Apple

With thousands of options to choose from, deciding where to enjoy a quick bite or leisurely dinner in New York City can be a formidable task. From Italian cannolis to Middle Eastern shawarmas, there is literally a plate for every palate. So if you're on the quest to find the perfect pizza or the quintessential burger bite, here are twelve places where you can truly tantalize your taste buds in the Big Apple!

#1: Cafe R

Cafe R is New York City's largest international food court, located inside a 11,000 square foot facility. This food court truly has something for everyone, from Italian, Mexican, and Greek to Asian, American, and so much more. They are open around the clock, so next time you get a craving, Cafe R likely has whatever your taste buds desire!

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#2: Casa Bella Restaurant

Casa Bella Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants I have been to, and their lasagna ranks among the top contenders of this classic Italian dish that is my favorite pasta preparation. Ask for a table outside along the sidewalk and you can truly feel as if you have gone on a mini-vacation to Rome!

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#3: Dallas BBQ

Dallas BBQ is THE place for barbecue in New York City. From tender, juicy rotisserie chicken to fall-off-the-bone caramelized ribs, this barbecue restaurant knows their way around the kitchen! From fresh-baked cornbread to scratch-made chicken soup, this barbecue stretches their culinary muscles by going beyond the BBQ pit.

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#4: Fulton Hot Dog King

There is one food that will always be American as apple pie, something that is synonymous with the City of New York: the hot dog. Fulton Hot Dog King is serving up hot dogs and sausage dogs faster than you can say frankfurter. Their hot dogs and hamburgers are cooked to perfection, topped with a myriad of delicious items, sure to make your mouth water!

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#5: Grimaldi's Pizza

Baked in a hand-crafted coal-fired brick oven, the pizza at Grimaldi's has a unique flavor, perfectly crisp crust, and outstanding flavor. If you want a New York style pizza with an Italian twist, check out Grimaldi's. They've made their mark in the pizza industry. It's your turn to make your mark on one of their signature pizzas.

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#6: Junior's Restaurant

It's been said that if you tell a taxi driver to take you to the best cheesecake in town, you'll end up at Junior's Restaurant. Opened in 1950, Junior's Restaurant serves the best baked cheesecake I have ever eaten. Plus, you don't want to miss out on their famous 10-ounce steakburgers, overstuffed deli sandwiches, elaborate salads, and more!

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#7: Karam Restaurant

Known for their signature Lebanese cuisine, Karam Restaurant delivers big flavor on all sorts of Middle Eastern classics, from house-made Hoummus and Spinach Pies to Falafel Sandwiches and fresh baked pita bread. My personal favorite is one of their most popular offerings, the Chicken Shawarma Sandwich.

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#8: Katz's Delicatessen

Katz's. The name speaks for itself. Ask anyone in New York City and they will likely have a story to tell of a trip to Katz's. Since Katz's opened in 1888, countless celebrities have dined there, along with many Presidents. The food is extraordinarily fresh, the meat is skillfully sliced by hand, and your taste buds will be dancing the minute the food enters your mouth.

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#9: La Bella Ferrara Bakery

From cannolis and cream puffs to cakes and cookies, this bakery will satisfy every sweet tooth with their wide array of freshly prepared sweet treats. One bite of the Oreo layer cake will have you wanting to order another slice! If your sweet tooth needs satisfying, this is the place to go for a special after dinner dessert.

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#10: Lombardi's

If you love pizza, then you have to pay a visit to the home of America's first pizzeria. Their coal-fired oven produces a crispy crust on the bottom with perfectly melted cheese on top. Try their signature offerings like homemade meatballs on top of their original pizza. They've been at this for over 100 years. A century of pizza equals pizza perfection!

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#11: Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Known as the best steakhouse in New York City, Uncle Jack's Steakhouse needs no introduction. In all of my travels, this is undoubtedly one of my favorite restaurants. The steaks are cooked to perfection and the service is impeccable. Owner and proprieter William Degel should be known as the "King of Steak."

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#12: Vincent's

Situated in the heart of New York's Little Italy, this restaurant has scrumptious lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and many other Italian favorites and a few unique offerings as well. Be sure to top your meal off with a delectable dessert, such as their freshly made cannolis! One meal here will have you singing, "That's Amore!"

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